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Couple Finds Hidden Camera In Airbnb

This will make you think twice about using the Airbnb service.

Dougie Hamilton and his girlfriend Taryn were visiting Toronto and chose to stay at this Airbnb accommodation where Dougie got the creeps just from how there was an alarm clock positioned facing the open floor plan and bedroom area.

His paranoia, he explained later, came from watching a show about how small cameras are now and could be hidden in anything. Sure enough, his intuition was correct.

So while Airbnb’s can be convenient and may give you perks that you otherwise couldn’t get in a hotel like more space and amenities, you may be also getting a whole lot more… like your privacy taken away.

Toronto police are now investigating. Airbnb also issued a statement about how they take privacy issues very seriously and that they would remove the host. What about you? Anything crazy like this ever happen while you were staying somewhere?

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