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Woman Gets Rich On Tinder Thanks To Stupidity/Curious Guys

Yeah, some are calling them curious guys… not me. I’m just calling them stupid. Maggie Archer, a 20-year-old, who attends Missouri Western State University found that there are plenty of stupid guys to take advantage of.

On her Tinder profile, Archer wrote “send me $5, see what happens” and in came the flow of cash. The crazy request not only got guys to swipe right, it got them to follow through with the cash send. One in five “matches” ended up sending the college student money.

So what to do they get for their $5 donation to her cash grab? An unmatch! Yep, that’s what they find out… besides the fact that they are stupid.

Apparently since Maggie’s success, other tried to jump on the bandwagon, but Tinder is striking back.

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